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February 20th, 2014

Hi, my name is Tim Kostin and I’m the artist. And I’m very glad to see you here. (It was the main information. For other details you can have a look at my CV):



Tim Kostin

Born in Saint-Petersburg, into a family of artists 

Lives and workes mainly in Italy (Modena, Bologna) since 2001

Defines his work as Concettualismo Ridotto

Considers art a means of reflection and contemplation as well as one of very few methods of  perception  open to man

Suggests that any phenomenon, as well as any art phenomenon can be read as a text

Makes illustrations,  Makes paintings,  Does portraits,  Does scenography



2001-2017 – illustrator. Has been employed by Marcos y Marcos (Milano), Gallucci (Rome), Pendragon (Bologna), Fernandel (Ravenna), Luca Sossella Editore (Rome), Derive Approdi (Rome), I Libratti (Lucca), Panta (Rome), MobileNews (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow), Marine Book (Saint-Petersburg), AST (Moscow) publishing houses

2006-2011 – art–director, illustrator and designer of L’Accalappiacani (Emilia Romagna), a literary magazine published by Derive Approdi (Rome)

In 2006 and 2008 was awarded the main and special prizes at the painting contest launched by  the Muratori Fund (Vignola, Modena)

Summer, 2006 – art director for the Saint-Petersburg theme park “Divo-Ostrov”

1995-2004 – member of conceptual art group “Emergency Exit” (Saint-Petersburg)

1987 -2001 – art-director and co-screenwriter, theater “Goon Go“ (Saint-Petersburg)

1987 – 2017 – participant in multiple painting, graphic art and conceptual art exhibitions and performances in Italy, Germany, UK and Russia



Student of  the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Art and the Russian Academy of Arts (courses in Directing, Scenography, Strategies of Modern Art)

Graduated at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Art, master in Directing. Studied under famous graphic art, painting, scenography and conceptual art masters, such as:

Yury.A.Sobolev – founder of  the Moscow Conceptualism movement in 1960s. 1960s-2000s he is one of the gurus of Russian conceptual art. Served in his later years as professor of INTERSTSUDIO department in the Saint Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy.

Alexander B. Baturin – artist, student of Vladimir Sterligov, founder of the eponymous Institute in Paris.

Edward S. Kochergin – one of the most reputable scene-designers of the past four decades, professor of the Russian Academy of Arts

Alexander A. Krilov – professor of the Russian Academy of Arts

Alexander M. Daniel – professor of the Saint Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy

Mikhail M. Petrenko – artist, illustrator, professor





To contact me write here, please.

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